AQF works in some of the most demanding industry sectors. Many of the foam products that we convert become critical components within every day things.

When you load a new inkjet cartridge into your printer consider there is a highly engineered piece of technical foam inside which securely retains the ink and then releases it in a highly controlled manner.

If your loved one is having heart bypass surgery consider there is a critical foam component through which the oxygenated blood is filtered in order to remove air bubbles before re-infusion back into the patient.

When you put on your noise reducing headphones during a flight consider the role that technical foam plays in acoustically cocooning your ears, preventing leakage of noise.

Medical devices

AQF Ltd medical sector

AQF has established a dedicated business unit called AQF Medical...

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Electronics sector

AQF Ltd electronics sector

The electronics sector has been the core of our technical foam offering...

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Consumer goods

AQF Ltd consumer goods sector

Many consumer products contain foams which perform key technical jobs...

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Industrial packaging

AQF Ltd industrial sector

Packaging of high value items, generally for the technology and medical sectors...

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